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Document type: Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso
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Title: Is the caloric midpoint associated with food cravings and food intake in pregnant women?
Author: Mendes, Samira Gonçalves
Teixeira, Gabriela Pereira
Balieiro, Laura Cristina Tibiletti
Gontijo, Cristiana Araújo
First Advisor: Crispim, Cibele Aparecida
First coorientator: Maia, Yara Cristina de Paiva
First member of the Committee: Furlan, Luisa Pereira Marot
Second member of the Committee: Oliveira, Jacyara Santos de
Summary: The chrononutrition area suggests that mealtime can influence the food intake. Studies on this topic have associated caloric midpoint –time at which 50% of the daily energy is consumed– with different aspects of food consumption, but its relationship with food craving is still little explored. This cross-sectional study investigated the association of caloric midpoint with food craving and food consumption in pregnant women. The study included 233 pregnant women categorized in early eaters (caloric midpoint ≤ 1:00pm) and late eaters (caloric midpoint >1:00pm). Food craving were collected by Food Craving Trait and State Questionnaires. Energy and nutrient intake and mealtimes were assessed using a 24-hour food recall. No association between caloric midpoint and food craving was found. However, late eaters consumed more calories (2039.47 kcal vs 1843.44 kcal; p <0.001), carbohydrates (255.06g vs 211.12g; p=0.002), total fat (73.1g vs 64.8g; p=0.003), monounsaturated fat (21.33mg vs 18.59mg; p=0.002) and saturated fat (24.37mg vs 22.21mh; p=0.01) and had a higher consumption of calories and macronutrients in the first (calories: 275.63 vs 213.41, p=0.007; carbohydrate: 170.42 vs 142.54, p=0.01; total fat: 56.49 vs 50.17, p=0.04) and second (calories: 213.21 vs 151.59, p=0.04; carbohydrate: 130.44 vs 96.6, p=0.04; protein: 15.17 vs 13.71, p=0.03) afternoon snack, dinner (calories: 576.89 vs 412.4, p<0.001; carbohydrate: 230.76 vs 169.45, p<0.001; protein: 80.48 vs 68.9, p=0.02; total fat: 212.77 vs 147.12, p<0.001) and late night snack (calories: 135.75 vs 68.3, p=0.04; total fat: 13.23 vs 22.45, p=0.04) than early eaters. We conclude that pregnant women who concentrate their meals at later times consumed more calories, macro and micronutrients throughout the day and in the night meals when compared to early eaters.
Keywords: Food craving
Caloric midpoint
Language: eng
Country: Brasil
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
Quote: MENDES, Samira Gonçalves. TEXEIRA, Gabriela Pereira. BALIEIRO, Laura Cristina Tibiletti. GONTIJO, Cristiana Araújo. Is the caloric midpoint associated with food cravings and food intake in pregnant women? 2022. 21 f. Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso (Graduação em Nutrição) -- Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Uberlândia, 2022.
Date of defense: 5-Jul-2022
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