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Title: Análise e síntese da fala por interpolação de ondas
Author: Costa Filho, Acelino de Carvalho
First Advisor: Carrijo, Gilberto Arantes
First member of the Committee: Ramírez, Miguel Arjona
Second member of the Committee: Vieira, Sibelius Lellis
Third member of the Committee: Flores, Edna Lúcia
Fourth member of the Committee: Veiga, Antônio Cláudio Paschoarelli
Summary: This doctoral dissertation addresses to study of waveform interpolation (WI) for speech coding, and the description, visualization and implementation of an algorithm to simulate a conventional WI system of analysis synthesis of speech signal, like portion of a WI system for coding - decoding that operates on the outer layer which is called of WI analysis synthesis system (standard). From this system researches are performed looking for improvement on the localization and extraction process of characteristic waveforms (CWs), that are obtained through interpolation at regular positions at the analysis stage. The propositions for improvement are presented, where part of them were implemented resulting on the system called the WI analysis synthesis system (with interpolation). The results of simulations and assessments, that indicate the performance of WI analysis synthesis system (standard) and WI analysis synthesis system (with interpolation) were presented with some speech signals. For assessment of the WI systems, the PESQ method were utilized to verify the perceptual quality of speech, and the SNRSEG-NCCF method, developed on this work, to verify the reconstruction of the waveforms and the phase delay per segment between the original and reconstructed speech signals. The WI analysis synthesis system (standard) presented good reconstruction of signal shown by the similarity between the time envelopes and the waveforms, and for the SNRSEG-NCCF measures. The WI system (standard) also presented a smaller phase displacement than the WI analysis synthesis system (with interpolation) and the perceptual quality of reconstructed speech ranged between "satisfactory" and "good" located on the band "communication quality" according the MOS rating. The preliminary version of the WI analysis synthesis system (with interpolation) presented better waveform reconstruction by segment and, for some parts of the signals, a better perceptual quality of speech than the WI analysis synthesis system s (standard), but with a larger phase displacement by segment between the originals and the reconstructed speech signals. In general the quality of reconstructed speech at the WI system (with interpolation) was lower than the WI system (standard), but the results indicate that the model has potential to present enhanced results by adjusting the interpolation process to improve the synchrony of signals.
Keywords: Processamento da fala
Codificação da fala
Codificação da fala por interpolação de ondas
Técnica WI
Análise e síntese da fala por interpolação de ondas
Speech processing
Speech coding
Waveform interpolation
Waveform interpolation speech coding
WI speech coding
WI technique
WI analysis sinthesis of speech
Processamento de sinais
Codificador de voz
Language: por
Country: BR
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
Institution Acronym: UFU
Department: Engenharias
Program: Programa de Pós-graduação em Engenharia Elétrica
Quote: COSTA FILHO, Acelino de Carvalho. Análise e síntese da fala por interpolação de ondas. 2005. 316 f. Tese (Doutorado em Engenharias) - Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Uberlândia, 2005.
Date of defense: 11-Feb-2005
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